Providing a supportive birth experience

Birth Doula serving Truckee, Northlake Tahoe, Tahoe City


Providing a supportive birth experience

Birth Doula serving Truckee, Northlake Tahoe, Tahoe City


Doulas have been shown to lessen the need for interventions in birth, and families who choose to have a doula’s support tend to report much more positive experiences.


Andrea W. Schwartz

Birth is magical. It is a powerful, shaping experience unlike any other. I want to help you to be the most fierce, confident version of yourself in this process as you discover the deep instinctual power you already hold.

What can a birth doula do for me?

A doula is your tour guide, concierge, educator, and friend. Your Doula is a wonderful guide to help you with any questions you may have.  She is also a guide to the resources available for pregnancy, labor, delivery, postpartum and more.

What is the role of a birth doula?

“A doula is a person experienced in childbirth who provides continuous emotional, physical, and informational support to parents.” (Mothering the Mother)

They help the laboring mom and her support crew to feel safe, supported, and informed.  They provide evidence based information so you are aware of your options. Your birth assistant, or Doula, will use massage, visualizations, breathing exercises, atmosphere, guidance with positions, and motivation to help make your experience as positive and comfortable as possible.  

The acceptance of doulas is rapidly growing with the recognition of how much they contribute to the physical and emotional well being of moms, birth partners, and infants.

What doulas do NOT do:

Doulas do not give medical advice or replace the partner or caregiver.  

Andrea is one of the founding members of the Tahoe Truckee Birth Collective, connecting new and expectant families with local community resources.


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